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Regen and the brake lights.

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I found this video to be quite enlightening. He's talking about the Ioniq 5 but ours does the same thing, I'm pretty sure.

(124) Electric cars prove we need to rethink brake lights - YouTube
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This is surprising to me. I had previously read about the European standards that included definitions for activating the brake lights based on deceleration rates, so I assumed that even with the lack of such standards in the US, they would have simply carried over the same behavior in the US cars. I had not heard about the exclusion in the European standards for regenerative braking. With that said, I have wondered how often they come on, as I do frequently see people ramming up to my @ss when I'm slowing down. Hopefully this gets sorted.
On my Wind US version in auto Regen the lights came on when I lift the foot off the he accelerator. If I touch it slightly, the lights are off. To avoid issues I lift the foot to signal the driver behind me, some people call this brake check, but I don't have other alternatives.
I use auto regen level 2, that way I coast pretty much when off theaccelerator and auto controls the regen/braking and the light is on through most of the braking. I use the left paddle to come to a complete stop.
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