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2022 EV6 Wind AWD with Tech package (Aurora Black Pearl)
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I recently put some decals over my KIA emblems that I got from Just Stik It Decals. I was very happy with the emblem decals so I approached them to make rim decals. They didn’t currently make them tor the EV6 so I worked with them by creating a template and fitting a couple prototypes. When the design was finalized they made me a custom set of 2 tone decals that match my emblem decals. I’m happy with the final product as it gives the rims a more custom look and gets rid or some of the shine. Installation was pretty easy and only took a couple hours.

I believe Just Stik it Decals will now sell these rim decals (for the Wind) in a multitude of colors if anyone else is interested. I don’t believe they will do 2 tone as that was custom.
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