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Semi-related - Hyundai delays Ioniq 5 in US

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Hopefully Kia doesn’t do same.

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This vehicle is getting a lot of attention and Europe is pushing for faster adoption, the numbers they anticipated is being exceeded so they want to build more to get it to a place where they will sell more. With the European release, the EV6 seems like it will also be a hot seller and could get pushed back as well. Let's wait to see what actually occurs in the coming months.
LOL, Winter sure. Past experience with the Koreans tend to be at the end of the season rather the beginning. Stinger release in the Fall, ended up being a couple at dealers after Thanksgiving in my area and then more after Christmas. Optima Hybrids, Spring release ended up being end of May into June, officially still Spring however, only a few at that time. Pushing it to Winter means, any time after Christmas to March.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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