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Last week I got to spend a couple of hours driving the GT-Line S RWD which is my dealer's demonstrator but yesterday collected by own GT-Line S AWD. I've not done a huge millage but here are some thoughts.

The RWD is fast enough for normal road driving. It's plenty punchy enough certainly for UK roads with lots of power and it's capable of strong overtaking when needed. It's the practical choice for most, I'm sure. The AWL is noticeable a little heavier up front but I think Kia has adjusted the steering to suit. The front motor is not engaged with normal driving but couples up when you need the extra power, which is not that often I found. Without the music on you can hear the front motor and feel a very slight mechanical engagement "clunk". I actually quite like it, especially when you put it in to Sport Mode which permanently engages both motors.

Where legal and safe - if you drive the AWD hard it's a bit of a beast... but of course still very gentle and calm in eco mode. This makes it a real Jekyll and Hyde machine. You literally can be gently wafting then press a button and everything tightens up and it can put you back in your seat. It keeps going right up to 100 (Km/h, Officer, Km, I assure you) and beyond but I ran out of road. Off the lights the extra grip and power pays off.

The additional cabin noise doesn't bother me. The energy used got scary as I was only just above 1. something mile per Kw! Regen on both motors is noticeable too although I did have to use the friction breaks at the end of a dual carriageway but it's a 2 1/2 tonne car and that's a lot of kinetic energy. Jekyll and Hyde? Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? Yes it really is. I can see my wife leaving it in Eco and me exciting too many electrons in sport mode.
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