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Subwoofer Discussion, continued once again

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Replacing the subwoofer has been discussed at length here and elsewhere. But I wanted to bring this back up based on recent experiences. I took my EV6 to a car stereo shop to look into replacing the subwoofer following the previous advice. What I thought was going to be an easy upgrade ended up raising more questions.

When they opened up the compartment to get a sense of what might be possible... there was a huge surprise. Not only was the sub not fastened at all, but there was a layer of insulation on the bottom of the compartment cover!
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Thus, whatever sound the sub is generating is significantly muffled by the cover... which is in fact below another layer, the trunk floor! I actually just removed the cover for now, and the sub performance increased dramatically with bass set to 10. (They also attached the sub. :))

A few questions:
  • Did they install the wrong cover? Do others have this same insulated cover? Or is there a different cover that would make more sense with a sub? It just seems wrong.
  • With the compartment cover and then the trunk floor over the compartment cover, that is a lot of muffling to overcome, even without the insulation. Is there some other solution for the trunk floor?
  • The car stereo folks said that the recommended replacement would not make an appreciable difference in bass. They gave a quote of $1,600 which is well beyond what I wanted to spend. Can anyone provide feedback on whether the Rockwell SS8P (or some other active subwoofer that will fit into the space) makes an appreciable difference in bass?
  • Finally, if they were to add on an amp, they questioned whether they could run a heavy gauge line from the 12V battery, given that the 12V adapter in the trunk is lightweight. Apparently Teslas will throw an error. Anyone have experience on that?
Thanks for any advice!


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I have flashed/updated today this SW version:
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and I guess that I can confirm that bass got noticeable improvements
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Can anybody explain how to remove this cover to get to Subwoofer, thanks

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Where you guys are installed remote controller e.g. in Rockville SS8P case?
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Its just an svg vector file...
...that said you could just print it out on paper...
Can you explain how to print this file in correct size?
...and @vin i should be able to set up a printable version as well, pdf maybe? do need A4? or letter? ill do both.
Yes, PDF and A4, but maybe somebody will utilize letter also.
Thank you.
... Further muddying the matter, the owner's manual states that when using the 12V outlet, only 12V accessories which are less than 10A in capacity should be used ...
BTW, here is some another information: EV6 speaker upgrade recommendations
...The cable was run to the the back through the driver-side door sills...
Do you have pictures how this was done?
Every sub I can find here, that has anything from 100W to 200W has a 25A fuse...
I have ordered Rockville SS8P (15A, 100W RMS, 400W Peak) from Amazon-dot-com. It is already somewhere in Europe. Here is all in all what I have paid:
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Eenvoudig :)
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Looks like Phoenix Gold Z880 is the same device as Rockville SS8P and Phoenix Gold ZR10P is the same as Rockville SS10P
...I saw pictures and a guide on here, but my 12V connection looks nothing like that...
View attachment 13289
I have opened this cover today and mine is similar:

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I see here 3 fuses - 20 A (1pcs) and 15 A (2pcs). And I don't know what they protect. Looks like 12 V provided via red cable, but for what? On your picture 12 V relay also visible.
BTW do you have something additional accessories? I have KIA original tow bar installed by dealer.
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Yes, this is clear. I asked dealer about tow bar installation manual. May be red wire can be utilized in our case if it is connected to "right point"
Yes, it is possible, but in this case you will not be able to close cover of this small fuse box. I will think about this when I get connection diagram from dealer for this one (or it is similar): Is the car prewired for options?
...there is a 50A circuit for "Trailer1"...
And there phusebox and me have 3 fuses with one connection point so 20+15+15=50 A, correct
...I changed gears and decided to try out the 50A trailer outlet...
Did you detached left trim panel to access the trailer connector or removing this small cover was enough to get it?
The trailer plug? I don't know. I changed my plans to use that rather than the accessory circuit while I was in the process, so I just kind of made due with what I had w/o planning.
I guess that Teanau meant where you ordered this male terminal connector
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....If so, does anyone know a different source for that cable?...
Hallo. All is correct. I ordered adapter from here: Kaufen Nic04m-W KIA Hyundai 1879003730AS beste Preise .
This webshop in Latvia/Estonia but if I understand correctly item delivered originally from Deutschland, delivery time all in all was something about 5-6 weeks in February/March this year.
And the total price was 24 EUR.
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No. This cable with female connector. Cable with male connector is needed.
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So current passive subwoofer will be replaced by active subwoofer?
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