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Take that EPA!

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First time poster here. I had to share this since so many reviewers trash the range of the GT based on the EPA rating without giving the car a real world chance. I have been watching the range increase the longer I own the car. I drive mostly in Normal mode with occasional GT blasts. Lately I have been driving a little more conservatively to see what kind of range I can get. Yesterday I charged to 100% since I was going to drive about 100 miles and wanted to test it. I drove 53 miles out and 53 back for a total of 106 miles and came home with 62% battery and 166 miles of range left, so the projection was quite accurate. The drive was all freeway with maybe 5 miles of surface streets. I set the cruise at 68 mph in Eco and let the car do the driving. It was a nice day, mid 70s to 80, so good weather
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for range. Needless to say, I am mightily impressed. I was OK with the 206 mile EPA rating when I bought the car in February, but 276 miles? I already loved the car, now I have found a whole new level of appreciation.
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Yep, I’m also trending towards 300, usually right around 140-150 at 50%. I’m very very pleased with my GT’s efficiency. My round trip efficiencies have been hovering at 3.7-3.8 since we are now in the 70s or at least we were.

What tires and wheels are you rolling on?
Stock 21” wheels and tires - Goodyear Eagles, F1 255/40

I often see 4 mi./ kilowatt hour or more in city driving so I’m sure that 300 miles of range is doable. I’m always amused at the reviewers and commenters saying things like “pathetic” and “dealbreaker” regarding the range. “Amazing performance but…” Sure, if you drive in GT mode all the time with a heavy foot the range will suffer. I don’t think that most owners drive that way.
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