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Take that EPA!

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First time poster here. I had to share this since so many reviewers trash the range of the GT based on the EPA rating without giving the car a real world chance. I have been watching the range increase the longer I own the car. I drive mostly in Normal mode with occasional GT blasts. Lately I have been driving a little more conservatively to see what kind of range I can get. Yesterday I charged to 100% since I was going to drive about 100 miles and wanted to test it. I drove 53 miles out and 53 back for a total of 106 miles and came home with 62% battery and 166 miles of range left, so the projection was quite accurate. The drive was all freeway with maybe 5 miles of surface streets. I set the cruise at 68 mph in Eco and let the car do the driving. It was a nice day, mid 70s to 80, so good weather
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for range. Needless to say, I am mightily impressed. I was OK with the 206 mile EPA rating when I bought the car in February, but 276 miles? I already loved the car, now I have found a whole new level of appreciation.
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3.6 kWh is amazing, I was doing 100 mile round trips for the last 3 days and could only get around 3.1 at best if I drove it really carefully and that's in a AWD version, tried Eco and Normal and found it did not make a massive difference to be honest and at times in Eco going up hill it felt like the car was in glue it was so sluggish.

When I drove it like I wanted to this would drop to 2.5 so getting 3.6 in a GT is amazing.

Well done. (y)
I wish the existing Kia tool set made it easier to get info out:

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Average of my last 30 days (with one 130+ mile each way excursion to wales) plenty of GT mode action where possible. (Stock (UK) 21" Pilot Sport 4s tyres)
Just looked at mine and with a distance of 710 miles it says my average consumption is 3.10 mi/kWh.

So with your GT model your getting more then me in the AWD version. :mad:
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