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They're very thoughtful, these Koreans

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So six weeks into my EV6 ownership and I've noticed lots of thoughtful touches in the car. For anyone considering ordering one, these are the less obvious aspects that car reviews don't tend to mention...

  • The climate / volume dials are notched, so e.g. you can adjust the temperature without having to look at it (in your face Tesla and co!)
  • The seat heating is nicely spread for bum and back, so I can leave it on - unlike my old car which just roasted my bum after a few mins.
  • Physical buttons on the steering wheel rather than touch buttons, and the ability to customise a couple of them for shortcuts.
  • Cup holder rubber bottom
  • Leatherette edging on the (suede effect) rear seats is capturing most of the dirt from the kids shoes, so easy to clean
  • False boot/trunk floor, really useful for keeping things tidy
  • Ability to store the parcel shelf under that false floor
  • Loads of USB 2 ports front and back
  • Flashing red lights in the wing mirrors when you're indicating and it spots another car in the blind spot (I have mid spec without the blind spot camera display)
  • Dipping wing mirrors on reverse, and you can choose if you want them on or off
  • That big floor level centre storage console, really useful!
  • Option to turn the (wireless) phone charging on or off.

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to reply with anything I've missed that you like.

Yes..there are a few annoying niggles too, mostly software based, and I can't wait for the pre-heat fix. But all of the above - plus the EV6's brilliant drive and handling - make them (almost) irrelevant.
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