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I was just sitting in my new EV6 with the car off reading the instruction manual when I noticed a constant ticking sound coming from down in the driver's footwell. If I put the car in DRIVE it stops, but all the rest of the time it's a constant ticking sound (like a bomb is about to go off lol) even when the car is switched off and not being charged. As soon as I open the car door I can hear it. There's a hell of electronics down there, so imagine it's just one of those parts not functioning properly?

Before I take it back to the dealer to have a look into it, would really appreciate it if other EV6 owners can let me know if they have the same ticking sound in their car? If you stick your head under the steering wheel, near where the pedals are, you should be able to hear it. Although I hope you don't have it!

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