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UK EV6 Orders in progress

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For UK only members (sorry!) - Has anyone seen any delays from the quoted 30 weeks from KIA on deliveries in the UK?
I ordered my EV6 GT Line S in Glacier White with additional Heat Pump and Puddle Lamps on 03 March 2022 with the delivery quoted as last week of September or Early October 2022 from KIA in Southampton.
I was in the dealership this week and they just said there no updates on progress!
Thank you and happy driving
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I ordered matt grey GT L S on the 1st Feb 22, delivery advised as end of June, in April they said if I changed colour they could deliver by December but grey was on longer wait, its now been over a year and they still can't give me a build date
We ordered our EV6 Gt-line S in matt grey, heat pump, November '21 and took delivery last week! It's worth the wait!
i hope its worth it, i know its not the dealers fault but the lack of information is really frustrating.
i think the matt grey really suits the car, im jealous.i changed my order to black as they said the delivery on the grey was even longer
I feel your frustration. I’ve got the same order from a dealer in Derby which I placed on 8th Feb and I haven’t heard anything. Few January GTLS orders popping up on Facebook and the Kia EV6 - UK thread so I’m keeping the faith.
I ordered GTLS 1st Feb from Derby, had an email yesterday to say it's built and being shipped. Expected may 9th
Mine is through fleet sales so I deal with Abi, she's been very helpful, the problems are the lack of info from Kia themselves
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