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Windshield replacement

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Has anyone had luck getting a new windshield for their EV6? Mine has been cracked since July and it’s spread almost all of the way across the window horizontally due to the fluctuation weather temps this winter. We have two auto glass repair companies that have tried to no avail getting one ordered. Kia says they are on back order. 5 months seems insane. Hoping for some helpful tips from this forum.
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I had a chip filled last week, out of curiosity I did ask the shop to check if they can order a replacement. They looked up in their system and said replacements are not available to order at their suppliers. Not that I would want an aftermarket windshield but I was curious.
Most of the insurance companies offer glass protection for a small add-on. After I had to replace the first windshield on another car, I called my agent and added glas protection. I'm glad I did, they covered the second windshield replacement.
I can't speak about your car insurance but for the last decade I used two companies, one was Progressive the other one is Auto-Owners. None of them raised the premiums for windshield replacement if I used the glass protection add-on. In both cases it was not an accident or comprehensive insurance, only glass insurance add-on.
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