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Windshield replacement

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Has anyone had luck getting a new windshield for their EV6? Mine has been cracked since July and it’s spread almost all of the way across the window horizontally due to the fluctuation weather temps this winter. We have two auto glass repair companies that have tried to no avail getting one ordered. Kia says they are on back order. 5 months seems insane. Hoping for some helpful tips from this forum.
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Going through this now. My Wind AWD developed cracks right over the rear view mirror the middle of October. My insurance company was very prompt and diligent and referred me to Safelight. Since the cameras etc. needed to be re-calibrated I had to take iit in to them. Turns out the part is backordered and I am still waiting and the cracks are getting worse.
My other unrelated gripe is with Safelight. They waited until I was driving to my appointment the first of November to notify me that they didn't have the part. This was after 5 emails reminding me of the appointment so that I didn't miss it and inconvenience them.
Then I get a voicemail last week that my appointment that week had to be canceled due to them still not having the windshield. I was never told that they had put me down for an appointment last week. Safelight probably does a good job but there management and service is atrocious. If you use them be sure to call the location the day before your appointment and make sure they actually have the part.
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For an update. I took the car into Safelite the first week in January but the new windshield was damaged in shipment. On the third trip the middle of January everything went smooth and didn't take long. Everything is working well. Safelite will do a good job but I recommend calling the day before and making sure they have the part and have opened the crate to be sure it is not damaged.
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